optional single point contracting

Utilizing the AIA Design-Build Contract, this agreement has been crafted by the AIA to make the necessary provisions for a single entity to perform all aspects of a design-build project.

While this makes the contractual agreements easy, it is not the only way. We also utilize separate contracts for Architecture and Construction even when we provide integrated design-build services.

integrated architectural & construction processes

We eliminate the traditional adversarial relationship between disciplines

The ENTIRE team works as the client’s advocate

Architects are sensitive to budget constraints and work within their parameters. Contractors are sensitive to aesthetics and work to ensure that the client’s and architect’s vision is realized.

realistic conceptual budgeting at project start

Usually, one of the driving considerations for almost every project is "How much is this going to cost?". We can accurately answer that question.

Our process starts with a feasibility phase where the architecture group will assess the user’s needs, generate a feasibility concept and turn it over to the construction department for cost estimating. In doing so, we are able to simultaneously generate a workable plan, provide insightful assumptions for construction scope and provide a well defined budget that sets a bench mark for the project. Usually this is done over a period of about two weeks.

time savings (time=money)

Our design phase is integrated with and works in parallel with our estimating

Mid-project budgets minimize if not eliminate “surprises” and the need for re-draws (more time savings)

FGMP and Permitting can run in parallel instead of sequential thus saving time

In-house RFI, submittals and shop drawings turn-around is quicker than traditional architect, engineer, contractor arrangements as we are all in-house.